Sometimes, it's difficult for a neurodivergent to fight for environmental accommodation alone in each organization. In addition, many neurominorities are currently facing countless difficulties which are complex and hard for some others to understand.

Therefore, we focused on neuro-minorities who have faced difficulties, but are somehow overcoming them. By extracting and verbalizing the environment, ingenuity, and culture soome of them experienced in common, using a technology called "Pattern language," neuro-minorities can move to a better community (e.g. when going on to higher education or finding a job). And the organization like companies and schools can also use it as a tips for improving its environment. Thus, this project will support neurodiversity-friendly practices, and increase available environmental options that match each individual's Neurotype. Then, we aim to support neuro-minorities to live more positive, proud and happy life.

What is pattern language?

Pattern language is a technique for extracting and sharing tips and patterns common to lively great things and practices, which started in the field of architecture and is now applied to various fields (Reference: ). For example, the Digital Agency of Japan has made the following pattern language: "Towards a Digital Future"

 an example of the pattern language

Since the situation of each neurodivergent is too diverse, a practice which have worked well for one neurodivergent may not be transferred to annother. However, the pattern language is devised so that it can be implemented "anytime, anywhere, by anyone." A pattern language is not as concrete as a manual. So it can be adapted to diverse situations and users. Then, various neurodivergents may be able to share good practices.

About the Neurodiversity Pattern Project

Based on the guidance of Prof. Iba and a Academic papers about how to make a Pattern Language, we are making a pattern language related to neurodiversity-friendly practices like the following topics.

Looking for collaborators!

Analyzing good practices and environments of people in divers countries is necessary to create a pattern language that can show the great way to improve the QOL of neuro-minority. So we are looking for companies, neuro-minorities, and allies who can talk about their good practice.
Although we are conducting a wide range of interviews, we are especially looking for autistics and ADHDers who are engineers, welfare workers, or craftsmen of traditional crafts now. We are also looking for companies, educational institutions, and other supporters working on Neurodiversity!
We also welcome those who would like to study pattern language and participate in the Neurodiversity Pattern Project together! (Basic understanding of Japanese is required)
please contact us from the form below orour X (Twitter) account. If you are in our Discord Community, you can also contact us there.

Handling of personal information

In this project, personal information is managed in accordance with our privacy policy here. In addition, we may also mention your position or name as a collaborator. But you may also choose not to be listed

Scope of disclosure of information

Information about individual experiences collected in this project will be used to discover "patterns" through analysis and will be anonymized when published. The "pattern language", which systematizes the found patterns, will be published on our blogs, websites, SNS accounts, wiki sites, and others, to be used by anyone who wants to use it. It may also be practiced in our Discord self-help group