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Anyone can participate in this neurodiversity community, regardless of whether they have a diagnosis or not, including neurominority and allies. We aim to improve the QOL of members through information sharing, and socializing. We may also discuss about how to make a society which celebrates neurodiversity.

How to participate

  1. The community is on a chat app called "Discord." If you don't have Discord, please install it first.
  2. Press the button below to join the community! (You may enter and leave as you please)
  3. In order to interact with other members, it would be great if you could check the rules first when you enter the community and introduce yourself :)

    ▼ Channels in the community
  4.  Photos of each channel such as "rules" and "self-introduction" in the community
     Photos of each channel such as "rules" and "self-introduction" in the community
  5. Let's enjoy the community together!

Reference: Community Rules

*The information here is not the latest version, so please refer to it only for confirmation before participating. The latest rules in written in our community

[About posting] 📋

the one ℹ️
The information that was useful to me will surely be useful to someone else. In order to improve everyone's QOL through information sharing, let's actively share (except for inappropriate ones)! It may lead to encounters with new information and interesting discussions. Also, when I get a reaction, it motivates me to post 😆

the second
In order to protect the psychological safety and social position of the community, posts that contain inappropriate content and posts that are likely to lead to some troubles are prohibited.
・Use of discriminatory expressions related to social minorities, other than atypical development, and speech and behavior lacking consideration

Persons with atypical development are also one of the social minorities, but among them, marginalized positions that are difficult to focus on (adult persons, persons with high functioning, etc.) and persons who are other social minorities (women, It is assumed that there are people who are also sexual minorities), so inconsiderate words and deeds are strongly prohibited
From the perspective of psychological safety, please refrain from posts that show discriminatory intentions related to atypical development as much as possible (including A and B below).

A. To attack the difficulty of living of minority developmental characteristics uniformly as a flaw on the person's side.
B. Excessive generalizations without scientifically established evidence

・Some solicitation
Promoting pyramid schemes, religious affiliations, pick-ups, or other Discord servers
・Things that encourage anti-social behavior or suicide
・Affixing links to websites with discriminatory or anti-social intent
・Other malicious items

The third 🚫 Don't let important notifications get buried Please refrain from excessive mentions
Mentioning individuals even though they are of little importance to them
・Making unspecified mentions of people who are not important to the community (promoting irrelevant content, etc.)

Fourth 🏆 To increase the psychological safety of our community and encourage challenges, we recommend:
・Do not make remarks that impose being “normal” or being the same as those around you, and accept diversity.
・Support members' challenges and aspirations (If you have any concerns, please respect the other person's motivation and give them advice.)
Especially in the area of atypical development, there is still little confirmation of what is correct.
In addition, we are so diverse that we do not know each other perfectly (even if we have the same diagnosis, there are people with different standpoints, characteristics, environments, and experiences, and as a result, each of us has different values. I have).
In addition, previous studies have shown that many people have traumatic experiences such as bullying. therefore,
When replying to the other person's opinion, first listen to the other person, appreciate what they have said, learn the background of the other person's thoughts while asking questions again, and respond after accepting it. (Please do not strongly deny)
*Please refrain from personal attacks and refutations as they may shrink the other person's remarks.
*If you have a constructive concern, I would appreciate it if you could give me advice for the sake of the other party while keeping in mind that I am a friend working on the same problem.
The Five 🛡
In order to maintain the community, vandalism such as repeating the same post in large numbers is prohibited.

Six 🙅
In principle, reprinting of posts on the server is prohibited so that you can post with peace of mind.
・If you want to share someone else's post outside the community, please ask the person for permission
・If you want to reprint a post on a private channel to another channel, please get permission from the person in question.

Part 7 About self-introduction ☺️
To strategically exchange information in the community, A theory called the SECI model I created a self-introduction format with reference to! Each item in the format does not necessarily have to be answered, so you can choose the one that is easy to answer ^^

If you have any questions about other people's self-introductions, I would appreciate it if you would respond positively to my self-introductions!
(Please do not mock or slander)

[About the circle system] 🎲
the eight 🎮
There is a circle system as a place where you can build deeper human relationships and have complicated consultations, and as a place where members with similar interests can talk about specific topics and issues.

【others】 Part 9 🆖
You can select your favorite role in the role setting channel, but for roles with dedicated channels (@ADHD (including undiagnosed), @AS (autistic spectrum, including undiagnosed), @student), psychological safety In order to maintain your sexuality, please do not select anyone other than those who have the identity of the party.

However, even if you have the characteristics, it does not necessarily mean that you will be diagnosed, so if you have an identity as a person, undiagnosed people and @marble zone (atypical development gray zone)) are also welcome! *If there are any special arrangements, please give priority to them.
On the other hand, if the opinions of people with low characteristics are also important, we recommend posting on the general channel instead of the channel for each characteristic.

Part 10 Introduction to this community 🧑‍🤝‍🧑
I would be happy if you could give feedback to the management about your impressions of the community, or introduce it on external SNS etc.!
Invitation link:

[Regarding the operation of rules] 📏
Part 11 About dealing with rule violations 💥
A. There are no particular penalties for items that are written as "please refrain" in the rules, unless they are malicious or vicious.
B. Regarding items that are marked as "prohibited" in the rules, non-malicious items will be subject to restrictions on rights such as being prohibited from speaking for a certain period of time. ) may be taken.

Part12 the revision of the rules 😉
A. A rule change can be submitted with the consent of 5 or more members of the community, or with the initiative of the @administrator of the community. In that case, the @administration of the community is obligated to vote. If a majority vote agrees to the new rules, the @Admins are obligated to amend the community rules and announce this on the Steering Committee channel.
B. Community @admins can revise the rules independently, but they are obligated to announce them on the Management Meeting channel after the revision, except in the case of minor updates (correction of wording, etc.).